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The three strongest advantages of the reel

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  Because of its small size, simple operation, high efficiency and good quality, the hose reel is widely used in various production assembly workshops, maintenance workshops, automobile beauty shops, automobile 4S shops and other workplaces. Have the following effects, let's take a look at it:

1. Improve the working environment
   The rewinding spring of the reel can stretch and shrink the pipeline, intensive management of various energy pipelines, and change the phenomenon that the pipelines, power plugs, oxyacetylene pipelines, bulbs and spray guns are scattered and scattered. Single use, can be combined, greatly saving factory space, beautifying the working environment and improving the grade of the enterprise. The combined hose reel and double-row coiling tube greatly facilitate the storage and use of the pipeline, as well as the large, standard, ordinary and mini automatic reel.

2. Improve work efficiency
   The reel is a very convenient and convenient long-distance energy transmission device. Workers can obtain various energy substances or tools conveniently and quickly, and avoid the phenomenon that the tools are placed all over the place and found everywhere, saving working time and improving maintenance efficiency. At the same time, more vehicles can be repaired, and the automatic reel is not only labor-saving, but also significantly improves efficiency.

3. Extend the service life of the equipment
   The automatic hose reel can guarantee the service life of other equipments in operation. In fact, its own quality and nature are very superior. This is also the premise that it can work efficiently. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to maintenance and maintenance when using it! Maintenance plants that do not use hose reels are dangerous for energy pipelines. Pipes that have been hauled in the past are very susceptible to corrosive material damage. At the same time, workers inadvertently stepping on the pipeline accelerates the scrapping of pipelines. The timely shrinkage of the device can avoid the above dangers and extend the service life of the tool.

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