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   Welcome to use the products of German NIUNIU industrial int`l Ltd The company has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, and controls the production process of products according to standardized procedures to ensure product quality.

One.  Quality assurance
    The goods provided are guaranteed to be brand new and unused, and the materials used to make the products meet the national or industry standards. If you have signed a technical agreement with our company, please refer to the technical agreement for the delivery of the product.

Two. Warranty period and period
    1. German NIUNIU industrial int`l Ltd. promises that the standard products will be warranted for two years from the date of shipment (excluding hoses and cables). Products manufactured and manufactured by NIUNIU industrial int`l shall be correctly prepared according to the recommendations and instructions provided by our company. Ground installation, maintenance and operation. NIUNIU industrial int`l does not make any other guarantees for product quality problems caused by improper installation or maintenance. (The consequences of failure to operate according to the specified method, NIUNIU industrial int`l does not bear the relevant and joint responsibility)

    2. Customized products NIUNIU industrial int`l promises to guarantee the following year from the date of shipment (excluding hoses and cables), products manufactured according to customer requirements and products not in the international catalogue of NIUNIU industrial int`l are regarded as customized products, non-standard Under no circumstances may the product be cancelled or refunded for advance payment. NIUNIU industrial int`l reserves the right to modify or change the product size and design to improve product performance.

    3. Non-NIUNIU industrial int`l Manufacturing (outsourcing other brands) equipment, products, components and hoses are subject to the original manufacturer's warranty terms. The hose and cable are covered by the manufacturer for a six-month warranty. NIUNIU industrial int`l will assist the client in filing a claim, but NIUNIU industrial int`l assumes no responsibility if the original manufacturer rejects the warranty claim.

    4. If the customer has purchased the NIUNIU industrial int`l product but cannot provide the factory label, it is considered as over-protection.

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